Simply put, AlsaPlayer is a new age media player which effectively runs .PCM or pulse-code modulation files. It brings multithreading heavily into play and also takes the ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) library and the driver for a pretty good ride! Upon looking closely, you’ll notice that the player actually has some very interesting features which can only be seen in the Linux-based or UNIX-based players.

The primary intent behind creation of AlsaPlayer was to provide a comprehensively pluggable framework which could playback possibly every media file type, with the main focus on PCM audio data.

Despite the fact that AlsaPlayer was exclusively created for Linux operating system, over a period of time support has also been added for other operating systems which are mainly UNIX variants.

The advancements in the software development field over the past decade may very well make people wonder at the name AlsaPlayer today! More so because it actually supports many different output systems now. For instance, it supports the OSS audio interface (the old default interface), SGI audio outputs, Esound and Network Audio Server (NAS). Talking about all these amazing output systems, one that should definitely find a mention here is JACK. It’s quite different when compared to other commonly known audio server systems. This is because of the way it has been designed from ground zero, in order to make sure that it serves as the ideal audio system for every professional who’s into audio work.