Mailing lists are very crucial when it comes to the project related communications. A software product’s mailing list can actually be considered a forum apart from its main web page that the users are exposed to. However, before experiencing the actual mailing lists, the users come across the mailing list interface, which is nothing but the basic mechanism used for subscribing to or joining these lists.

Talking about the AlsaPlayer now, following are some of the mailing lists that you can subscribe to:
alsaplayer-commits [archive], [archive]

This is a read-only list which updates the users about all the CVS commits that are done by the AlsaPlayer’s development team. You can visit the Listinfo page of the software’s portal to subscribe to this list.
alsaplayer-devel [archive], [archive]

This list is to do with discussions related to the development aspect of AlsaPlayer. Anyone who is interested in adding new features to the AlsaPlayer or contributing to its development, can and should subscribe to this list. So, if you have a wicked idea and feel that it’s the right time to pop it into the discussions happening around the AlsaPlayer, you can join the discussions happening on this list by sending a message titled ‘subscribe’ along with an optional email ID to the mail id of this list. You can even use the web-based list interface found at the product’s website to subscribe to this list.
alsaplayer-announce [archive], [archive]

This is the official mailing list related to all AlsaPlayer announcements. The users can subscribe to this mailing list for receiving notices about new releases as and when they are made available. You can either send an email with subject ‘subscribe’ to the provided email address or visit the provided webpage for subscribing to this list.