Some highly interesting features of AlsaPlayer are:
- The player provides full speed pitch control, both negative and positive. AlsaPlayer is the first of its kind Linux player and the only GPL player which has this facility. Hence, the users can scratch both audio CDs and MP3s in real time.
- The player provides streaming support for Shoutcast or Icecast.
- The users get the ability of controlling AlsaPlayer remotely from a different application.
- The Interface plug-ins available in AlsaPlayer completely provide a new look to its user interface.
- The low latency mode is also helpful as the latency can be as low as 1.3 ms on capable sound cards.
- The queue or playlist support ensures that the player plays well with concurrent audio tools and doesn’t get involved with the hardware mixer.
- The user can open as many scopes as he/she wills, all credit to the concurrent visual scopes.
- The multithreaded design of AlsaPlayer results in skip free and efficient playback. The users can achieve even better performance by activating real-time scheduling.
- The player is portable and facilitates pretty accurate audio/scope syncing.

Following are the supported file formats of AlsaPlayer
- It supports Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files and it’s the first player to ever perfect the reverse Ogg playback.
- MP3 files can be played using the default MAD MP3 plugin.
- MP3 audio files can be played through the mpg123 based plugin.
- FLAC files
- CD Digital Audio playback files (with the help of CDDB lookup)
- All modules that are supported by MikMod.
- WAV files

The supported sound systems are as follows:
You’d be delighted to know that AlsaPlayer doesn’t just support ALSA. The following APIs are also supported:
- SGI: For the SGI (IRIX) systems through the SGI audio library.
- ESD: For Esound (in GNOME).
- JACK: This is a low latency audio server that was written mainly for Linux operating system. It gives the ability of connecting multiple applications to a single audio device, allowing them to share audio files between themselves.
- OSS: For the old Linux audio API.
- NAS: For Network Audio Server.
- ALSA: This is the next-gen Linux audio interface that got merged into 2.5x Linux tree.