What’s meant by a Changelog?
Simply put, a Changelog is just a record log of every change that is made to a particular project, which could be a software development project, a website development project or any other. It includes records like new features, bug fixes and more. Some of the open source projects even include the Changelog as a part of their top-level files, which are passed on during their distribution.

Even though the Changelog filename is expected to be ‘ChangeLog’ as per the canonical naming convention, it can even be alternatively named as HISTORY or CHANGES by the programmers. Some of the programs may even append the filename with a .txt suffix.

What’s the point of maintaining the AlsaPlayer Changelog or a Changelog in general?
The general reason behind maintenance of Changelog, or for that matter AlsaPlayer’s Changelog is to make it easier for the contributors and users to see precisely which all notable changes have been made to the player or the project in the past, between each one of its releases.

Why should you care?
AlsaPlayer and all general software tools are meant for people or users like you. If you don’t care, there may not be any point in contributing to the open source after all!

What are the qualities of a good Changelog?
An efficiently maintained Changelog exhibits the following principles:
- It’s created and maintained for humans and not machines.
- The project group makes changes to the log to describe the impact of the change on the project in the following manner: ‘added’ for the new features, ‘security’ for inviting the users to upgrade in order to cover for any vulnerabilities, ‘fixed’ for depicting any bug fixes, ‘removed’ for showing features that are removed in the new release, ‘changed’ for showing changes made in the existing functionality, ‘deprecated’ for the stable features that are removed in the upcoming releases and so on.