Currently, the artwork of AlsaPlayer doesn’t have any outstanding or striking features. In fact, contributions of independent developers are invited for making its artwork better than it is right now. Following are needed in terms of its artwork:

AlsaPlayer logo – The current AlsaPlayer logo is alright, but it doesn’t show anything more than a screenshot from the AlsaPlayer, generated as a background image on gimp. Furthermore, it doesn’t scale properly and hence looks quite shabby. So, AlsaPlayer can definitely do with a good logo design. Now, to shed a little bit of light on the importance of logo design, the usage of symbols as a part of communication strategy is nothing unheard of. Symbols are used regularly for communicating all sorts of information in an efficient manner. Where words fail, symbols can come quite handy to send the message across and get the job done. Hence, a good AlsaPlayer logo can definitely position it better.

AlsaPlayer icon – AlsaPlayer doesn’t have any good icon either and its logo doesn’t scale very well when it’s minimized to a smaller size. An icon is of great importance when it comes to the modern day computers’ graphical user interface (GUI). An icon is nothing but an image which represents an application (in this case AlsaPlayer), some capability, entity or specific concept that’s meaningful for the user. It is normally selectable but can even be a non-selectable image, for instance a company logo. So, AlsaPlayer can definitely do with a nice icon of its own, rather than having to resort to the minimization of its logo.

Other artworks like taskbar icon, button artwork etc. can also come quite handy in positioning it as a worthy media player.